An entire city came together to turn a little girl with cancer into a superhero

We have a new favorite superhero and we’d really love it if she had her own comic book series. Her name is SpiderMable, she’s six years old, and she just so happens to be really great at saving the day.

Back in 2013, SpiderMable faced off against her very first villain: acute lymphoblastic leukemia. But, just like the best of the best, this heroine kept fighting. For inspiration during her time in treatment, she read Spider-Man comic books (to keep her superhero skills sharp, of course). To test these powerful abilities, the city of Edmonton, Alberta and The Children’s Wish Foundation teamed up to ask for SpiderMable’s support. A citizen was in danger and Spider-Man desperately needed assistance.

On Monday morning, SpiderMable awoke to cries for help. An Action 7 newscast was playing on the television, stating that Edmonton Oilers’ captain Andrew Ference had been taken hostage. Without hesitation, our beloved heroine transformed into SpiderMable to keep her city safe.

First, our courageous protagonist wanted to make sure she knew exactly what was going on, so she met with Mayor Don Iveson and a group of officials. Knowing that SpiderMable was their only hope, they told her all that they knew: a masked villain named Mysterio had kidnapped Ference, but they had no idea where to go from there.

Luckily, SpiderMable’s spidey sense instantly kicked in and she knew where she had to go: the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Once there, she saw her nemesis, bravely walked up to him, captured him with her spider string, and – of course – saved the captain in distress. Go, SpiderMable!

To show his appreciation, Ference shared this Tweet with the world:

Now, we have one more question: when will the SpiderMable movie be released? And, can we pre-order tickets right this second?


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