Winter Storm Quinn is expected to be worse in these cities

Just as spring seemed right around the corner, Winter Storm Riley, a nor’easter-turned-bomb-cyclone, bore down on the East Coast. And less than a week later, Winter Storm Quinn is brewing. As of this morning, March 7th, snow had already begun to pile up in states like Pennsylvania and New York, with more on the way. But if you live on the East Coast, how worried should you be? Here are the cities that will be most affected by Quinn’s path.

New York City.

The Big Apple is expected to get between six and eight inches of snow during this winter storm, according to the National Weather Service. Snowfall is predicted to affect NYC for the entire day, today March 7th. And brace yourself for cold weather: Temperatures in the low 30s are forecast. Yesterday, March 6th, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that 78,000 people were without power in the state, and Quinn is expected to cause further blackouts. Schools in the city have remained open today, but the New York City Sanitation Department has salt spreaders and snow plows ready to clean up the roads. That being said, if you live in the city, you should avoid driving during the storm if at all possible.


Boston is still bracing itself for the worst of the storm. The Boston Globe predicts that rain will become snow this afternoon and last through midnight on March 8th. The exact amount of accumulation the city will see is still up in the air, but prepare yourself for anything from two to 12 inches of heavy, wet snow. In addition to the white stuff, power outages and high winds are once again expected throughout the city. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has asked that citizens refrain from driving due to dangerous road conditions.


While Philly saw lots of rain during Winter Storm Riley, Quinn promises to bring snow to the city. Today, March 7th, all schools in the city have been closed, and a snow emergency has been declared. Between four and 12 inches of snow are expected to hit Philadelphia.

Winter Storm Quinn has us more than ready for spring, but at least it means the possibility of one more snow day. Stay warm, everyone!