You can now buy cans of cinnamon-flavored Pepsi, because why not?

Connoisseurs of 7-Eleven Slurpees were perplexed to find a cinnamon-infused Pepsi flavor available at select locations.

Now, the soda chain is bringing the cinnamon drink, called Pepsi Fire, to all stores where Pepsi is sold.

Reviews of the flavor combination – which we’ll have to describe as “interesting” – have been largely mixed.

Some say it’s “gross” and offer “four thumbs down” to describe the flavor. Others, however, are already dreaming up the cocktails they can make with the newly-released drink.

"I'm not saying Fireball would go great with this... But I'm also not saying it wouldn't 😈," wrote one  Instagrammer.

I mean, maybe he has a point.

The cola giant announced in a press release that the cinnamon-flavored soda, “the hottest drink of the summer,” will be sold in U.S. stores through the end of June.

No word yet if this will inspire a new cocktail trend.