The newest (and maybe greatest) Oreo flavor will make you feel all cozy inside

Man, Nabisco keeps us on the edge of our seats more than the latest suspense movie. This year has brought us so many Oreo flavors to fangirl over and apparently we are not done yet! Maybe you loved S’mores (duhhhhh), Brownie Batter (obviously), Red Velvet (yassssss), or Toasted Coconut (mmmmm) but we have a new flavor coming at us and GUYS, it is about to go down —Oreo style. And it’s got a major hint of cinnamon.

So, one of the most holiday-ish flavors is cinnamon, am I right? How many of you swoon at the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, all mixed together? How many of you start your Thanksgiving or Christmas mornings with a delicious, hot, gooey cinnamon roll? I mean, my family doesn’t always do that but one year, I made (from SCRATCH) cinnamon rolls for my brothers and it was basically the coziest morning ever. WELP, Oreo agrees and the new flavor you can expect is CINNAMON BUN. Cinnamon Bun Oreos! Can you imagine dipping one of those bad boys into a glass of delicious eggnog?? The holidays are made, we don’t even need pie.

(Just kidding. We always need pie.)

Before you claim to be bored with the new Oreo flavors, the Oreo cream isn’t the only thing that holds the flavor — which, by the way, Oreo describes as “cinnamon bun-flavored creme.” The cookie portion will be flavored like CINNAMON (omg my favorite). The Impulse Buy was the first one to spot these bad boys out, and according to the site, these delicious cookies should be in grocery store shelves by next month.

And our stomachs CANNOT wait.

Featured image via Instagram.