We’re swooning over these fashion student makeovers of Cinderella’s iconic ball gown

Real talk: A huge part of the appeal of Disney princesses is the fact that their outfits are amazing. You don’t have to be a girly girl or love playing dress up to appreciate the princesses’ ornate outfits. And, out of these amazing outfits, Cinderella’s iconic blue ballgown stands out as the princess dress to which all other princess dresses aspire.

For Disney’s upcoming live action adaptation of Cinderella, they’ve updated the silhouette and color of the dress — it’s now a darker blue, and the shape is more angular than the original. In spite of the changes though, the gown rings true to the one in the classic cartoon, and twirls like a dream on the ballroom floor.

While the new dress stands out from the original, a lucky group of Kent State University fashion students had the chance to create a totally modern update on the design. As part of a contest by JCPenney, these student designers sketched out their own visions for a modern day Cinderella, and the results would make any fairy godmother proud.

The winning sketch, by student Jay Lewis, was selected by contest judges Katie Holmes, Project Runway‘s Nina Garcia, and designer Charlotte Ronson, and will actually be made and displayed in NYC’s Manhattan Mall. It’s a fairytale prize for a fairytale story, and we can’t wait to see both the dress and the new film continue the Cinderella legacy.

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