9 Cinco de Mayo memes that celebrate what this holiday *actually* is

It’s almost May, which means…Cinco de Mayo. Soon enough, bros everywhere will don sombreros and drink tequila, all in the name of Mexico. Suddenly, everyone wants a shot of tequila and salt. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is either, because it may as well be Taco Tuesday. But the truth is, Cinco de Mayo isn’t really a huge Mexican holiday. It’s not even our National Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. And funny enough, Cinco de Mayo is much less of a big deal in Mexico than it is the United States. To celebrate what this holiday actually is, we’ve rounded up some of the best (and most accurate) Cinco de Mayo memes around.

When you see your racist neighbor wearing a sombrero, you can just show them one of the below memes and be done with it. After all, who doesn’t like memes? And if you really do want to partake in the festivities of this holiday, at the very least, find a local restaurant that is actually owned by Mexican folks, so you can drink your tequila in style, without worry.

1Sink-o De Mayo

Obviously we had to start this list off with a classic. This is actually how we feel about the holiday’s inaccurate representation.


Gringos (aka-non Latinx persons) love to celebrate a Mexican holiday that a lot of Mexicans don’t celebrate. Contrary to popular belief, you can drink tequila other days of the year as well.

3May as well make the most of it, though.

We do love some fresh Mexican food. Just remember to support your local Mexican-owned restaurants!

4The tea.

This meme wins for the tea.

5Doritos don’t count.


Did Doritos tacos ever actually count as Mexican food, though?

6A pie chart to really break it down:


Notice the .5%? That’s the real ish.

7But really, though.

Sorry, but no, Cinco de Mayo isn’t when tequila was invented.

8Tequila is love.

We’d probably pick tequila over love, too.

9We have no words.

We celebrate Cico de Mayo in honor of the Mexican soldiers who won against the French, against all odds. So take a shot for that if you like — just remember what you’re celebrating.