We bow down to Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z costumes

Every Halloween, there’s always one or two celebrities who nail their costumes. Whether they’re paying tribute to major moments in pop culture history or transforming into their favorite characters, they really know how to go all out for the occasion. This year, the best costume award goes to Ciara and husband Russell Wilson, who recreated Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s iconic looks from their 2018 “Apeshit” music video—and to say they killed it would be a complete understatement.

The “Thinkin Bout You” hitmaker shared a photo via Instagram on Wednesday, October 30th that shows them dressed in almost the same exact outfits Bey and Jay wore in the video, which was set at the Louvre in Paris.

Every single detail was spot-on: Ciara wore a pink satin power suit with a high ponytail and diamonds on her neck, while Wilson donned an identical light blue suit and a gold medallion, and sported the same hairstyle as Jay Z.


Ciara even posted a clip of herself and Russell re-enacting the original video. However, there was one very noticeable difference. Instead of standing in front of the Mona Lisa or Meghan Markle, as Bey and Jay also did, the couple chose to stand in front of a painting of the Obamas.

In the video, Ciara even lip-syncs to the song, rapping along to Beyoncé’s verse before showing off some of her dance moves. But the best part comes at the very end when she and Russell burst into laughter after pulling off the best costume ever.

"From the Wilsons to the Carters to the Obamas... Much Love & Respect. We goin Ape $#!%," she captioned the video.


In another set of photos, Ciara also gives fans a closer look at her costume.


Though Beyoncé has yet to reveal her family’s costumes this year—and she’s known for going all out as well—we think it’s safe to say the Wilson family won Halloween.

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