Ciara and her baby bump dancing to “I’m Every Woman” is simply the happiest thing you’ll see all day

Mega superstar Ciara literally is every woman in a new video in which she dances around her house, using a spoon as a microphone (yup) and flaunting her glorious pregnant belly to Whitney Houston’s cover of “I’m Every Woman.” She posted the video on her Twitter and it features choreographer by expert Galen Hooks and one-shot technique (think Birdman) by Tim Milgram. Yeah, Ciara means business with this lip syncing thing, and that’s probably because she made the epic girl-power video in honor of Whitney Houston, who died five years ago yesterday.

It’s an awesome tribute to Houston and a celebration of womanhood in all its pregnant glory.

Ciara’s video features the most adorable cameo of her son and it’s not the first time 2-year-old Future almost steals the show. Hubby Russell Wilson also makes an appearance, and from his one-second sassy eye-brow raised look, it seems like he might be equally as into it as Ciara is! Go ahead and watch the video 50 more times now because that’s about as much as it takes to soak it all in.

Ciara is at the helm of her fabulous feminist family, and it’s truly amazing

Celebrating women and their power is nothing new to the Wilson household. Based on this adorable Instagram post, the mother-to-be is already teaching her young son about women’s equality and being a good male ally. We applaud you, Ciara. Whitney would be proud!

It looks like Ciara is enjoying her pregnancy and is excited to welcome a new member into her family soon. One thing is for sure, this will be one feminist baby! Oh, and it’ll most likely be really really good-looking as well.