“Bode” is the new Tumblr meme celebrating chubby cats and it’s just what we need right now

We’re all about cats and love the latest cat memes we just discovered. “Bode” is the new Tumblr meme celebrating chubby cats, reported The Daily Dot, and it’s just what we need right now. And when you see the memes for yourself, you’ll see what we mean and fall in love with them, too.

As you probably know, we’ve written about all aspects of cats before, from this sad-faced-yet-super-adorable cat, BenBen, to cats who are into cosplay (!). It goes without saying, then, that #bode cat memes are also so our thing. The cats slay in showing us that’s it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin — or fur, as it were.https://bodecats.tumblr.com/post/154004934403/hey-i-forgot-to-tell-you-that-this-is-pip-sorry


Where did the #bode meme come from? It all began on November 27th, when Tumblr user loghain posted it.

But before it hit Tumblr, it came to loghain in a dream (!) via images of chubby cats with “BODE” written across their pictures — “bode” as in “bodacious.” So then loghain made it happen IRL and the memes became a hit on Tumblr, with hundreds of people using the “bode” hashtag and many more liking the posts.https://bodecats.tumblr.com/post/154027614883/enjoy-this-bode-cat

In fact, according to Know Your Meme, loghain received sooooo many reblogs — thousands — that they’re now on hiatus, which you’ll see if you go to their page.

“Due to an outpouring of attention from the BODE meme that I accidentally created, I’m temporarily swapped URLs!” an archived post states, according to The Daily Dot.

Awesome-but-crazy, right?

But we’re not too surprised. Just look how adorable these cats are. We can’t get enough.


Here’s a variation on the #bode theme. Awwwwww.


And this may be ~the best~ variation on the #bode theme that will probably make you LOL.


Okay, we don’t know about you, but our day is officially done because we ~can’t stop looking~ at #bode cats on Tumblr. But it’s a good vice to have, amirite?!