This Chrome extension swaps out Harvey Weinstein’s face with pugs in space, so sometimes the internet is pretty great

Listen, we don’t blame you if you never want to see Harvey Weinstein’s face again. And since the world has learned of the mounting list of sexual assault allegations against him, you’re probably not alone. Luckily, a new Google Chrome extension will swap out Weinstein’s face with pugs in space — so you’ll never have to look at his mug while traveling in the precarious space known as the internet.

Comedian and website builder Jenn Welch is the mastermind behind this brilliant and hilarious invention. As a survivor of sexual assault herself, Welch explained that this new extension is less about comedy and more about helping the victims of Weinstein and other predatory men in Hollywood.

"There’s this catch-22 when you’re a survivor of rape and assault," Welch told The Daily Dot, "where you’re so excited that this is all finally happening and that these predators and abusers are finally facing consequences, but then it’s also incredibly triggering to constantly see the faces of these abusive men all over the news and social media."

She said that people can choose not to read an article that might be triggering, but a preview image loads “without warning.” Welch wanted to create something that would reduce PTSD symptoms and also give those affected by the current situation an opportunity to smile.

The description of the extension reads, "Replaces images of Weinstein / Cosby / etc. with an image of a pug in space, because seriously, f*** those guys."

The extension is modeled after Tom Royal’s Make America Kittens Again Google Chrome extension. Royal graciously shared his code with Welch and Space Pug Safe Space was born. So far, it works like a charm.

Welch told The Daily Dot that working on the extension really helped her come out of a depressive state caused by the Weinstein media storm. She hopes that Space Pug Safe Space will do the same for others.

You can download the Space Pug Safe Space extension here and live in a blissful world free of predatory faces. These space pugs are a much-needed breath of fresh air.

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