This Chinese actress became a mermaid for her wedding — complete with tail

The fantasy of being a mermaid isn’t an uncommon one. In fact, we’ve been there. It’s an altogether different thing to become a mermaid, and on your wedding day, at that. That’s a level of commitment we admire. Chinese actress Christy Chung’s mermaid wedding outfit is certainly unique – and gorgeous. We’ve ogled stunning pieces of mermaid jewelry, and even considered Little Mermaid cakes for a birthday or nuptial bash. However, we’ve never thought about an actual transformation until Christy Chung’s mermaid dress captured our hearts.

In 1994, Christy Chung starred in a film called Mermaid Got Married, and it seems she’s been waiting all those years to channel the movie IRL.

That’s not all, though. When Chung married her fiancée Golden Zhang Lunshuo on November 8th, she wore four different dresses.

Four. Different. Dresses.

The pair tied the knot at Beijing’s Nuo Hotel. The hotel became an underwater paradise for the event, littered with figurines of ocean life. There was also a delicate mermaid perched upon the gorgeous cake, which was topped with a pearl in an oyster shell.

The pair took incredible underwater snapshots for their wedding portraits. Chung wore a blue mermaid tail, and Lunshuo dressed as a merman.

First, for the actual ceremony, Chung wore a kua – a traditional Chinese wedding dress.

Later, Chung donned the kind of gown that makes princess dreams come true. Strapless, elegant, and with an enormous skirt, Chung looked like a modern Cinderella.

She also wore a decadent, form-fitting dress embellished with crystals.

Finally, Christy Chung’s mermaid dress stole the show: a Dorian Ho Couture gown with a deep-V neckline.

The beaded, glittering dress came complete with a white, shimmery skirt and was the most stunning of the bunch. Furthermore, Lunshuo matched Chung in a white tux with blue starfish embellishing the shoulders.

Christy Chung’s mermaid dress is #weddinggoals we didn’t even know we had. While we ourselves might not take wedding photos dressed as merpeople, we admire her commitment to the theme. We also might want some light mermaid wedding vibes on our big day, too.