A letter to Christopher Guest, upon learning about his Netflix movie

Hey Christopher Guest,

Big BIG fans here. We just wanted to take a moment and say thank you so much for bringing your marvelous work to Netflix. Netflix is already a 10 in our books, but with you now in the ranks, dare we say that we might turn it up to an 11?

The news that you’re going to drop a brand new film on the streaming site fills us with so much joy. Not only that, it sounds like it’s going to be one of your iconic mocumentary-style movies. As if it’s not alredy hard enough for us as it is to pick a favorite. Well, maybe we’ll try to pick a favorite. It’s gotta be Best in Show. No, Spinal Tap. Nope, Waiting for Guffman. Sigh. It’s just too hard.

Your new movie — which we hear is titled Mascots — already sounds amazing. It’s going to be an impossibly long wait for 2016, especially knowing that we’re going to be getting a movie about the unusual world of mascots, and what it takes to be the top dog (or tiger, or cowboy, or leprechaun) in the mascot world. Also, anything that teases us with “occasional excitement” sounds perfect in our books. This was the tweet that set us off:

You’re planning to bring some of your friends along, right? Like, Jennifer Coolidge will definitely be there, won’t she? And Fred Willard, too? Please don’t leave out Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, or Parker Posey. Certainly there’s got to be something for all of them to do in Mascots.

Aside from the teaser-tweeet, no other details about Mascots is known, but that’s OK. We can sit here and patiently wait. We’ve been waiting for a while and we will wait forevermore.



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