The amazing, earth-friendly way you can recycle your Christmas tree

We all know the traditional carol, O Christmas Tree, right? How does it go again?

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree Much pleasure you do give me

I’d like to tack a new line onto the end of that verse. It goes like this:

Until your needles turn brown and you become a fire hazard and overall eyesore

Okay, I know that sounds a tad harsh. But once Christmas is over, all the pretty packages have been unwrapped and family and friends have all gone home, there it is: the tree. Still standing, while you have to go back to work and get on with the business of making the new year as supremely awesome as possible. Before long, the tree becomes its own to-do list. You have to undecorate it, pack away the ornaments and then figure out what to do with the poor, naked thing.

In the spirit of conservation, we highly encourage you to recycle it. While there are many ways to do this, we’d like to point one out that you probably haven’t considered. Why not turn your Christmas tree into a fish habitat?

No, we’re not advocating shoving it into an aquarium. (Although that might actually be hilarious, albeit messy and unwise on every possible level.) According to the Kentucky’s Division of Fish and Wildlife Resources, old Christmas trees make great homes for small fish and invertebrates that typically become food for larger animals. A tree at the bottom of a lake gives them a nice place to hide among its branches. It’s as simple as just tossing your old tree into a lake or river, provided you choose a legal place to do so. (Seriously, check on this.)

Awww, we actually love this idea. If you live in Kentucky, the state will actually help you get it done. But if you live elsewhere, no worries. Many states have started similar initiatives. A quick google search in your area should get you started. The fish will thank you, and you might just end up on Santa’s nice list next year.

[Image via Shutterstock.]

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