11 Christmas tree alternatives perfect for anyone decorating a small apartment

If you live in a small apartment, Christmastime might bring more stress than it does comfort and joy. Sure, for those who celebrate Christmas, the time leading up to December 25th is a pretty exciting period, but trying to fit an entire tree, no matter how small, into a city-sized apartment can prove a difficult task. Fortunately, plenty of Christmas tree alternatives exist for decorating a small apartment, and they’ll honestly probably save you a lot of time and effort. Gone are the days of moving your living room coffee table into your bedroom to make room for a tree that will last just three to four weeks. Behold, a world of new options!

If you think about it, really anything can stand in for Christmas trees. In 2017, Instagram was filled with pictures of pineapples decorated as Christmas trees, and honestly, it totally worked. If you slap a few ornaments and some garland onto anything, it can seem like a festive holiday totem, but you can probably do better than decorating a tropical fruit.

You have plenty of options, from smaller DIY crafts to two-dimensional trees that hang on your wall. Check out these fun decorating ideas for yourself and decide which alternative Christmas tree is best for your small space. The most wonderful time of the year just got a whole lot roomier.

1 Candy cane Christmas tree

If you’ve ever wished that you could fit more candy canes onto your Christmas tree, you should definitely make this tree that’s all candy. It’s easy to make, based on Amen Photography’s guide, and it will save you so much space.

2 A jingle bell tree

Nothing says Christmas quite like jingle bells, well, except for Christmas trees maybe. If jingle bells are second best, then they’re perfect for decorating a small space, so check out Jennifer Rizzo’s blog for a full DIY guide to this Christmas tree alternative.

3 A wall-mounted garland tree

This is basically the perfect hack for bringing piney greenery into your home for the holidays without buying a whole tree. Engineer Your Space has a full guide to creating the space-saving masterpiece for yourself.

4 A DIY ribbon tree

If you can get your hands on a foam cone, then all you need to do is cut and pin ribbon onto it to create a whimsical, space-efficient tree. Check out the full step-by-step guide on A Creative Yarn.

5 A hanging shelf tree to decorate with snow globes and/or cards

Crafter extraordinaire Ana White has the perfect tree-shelf guide, if you’re up for a woodworking challenge.

6 Adorable burlap ribbon trees

If you want a more rustic look for your home, these ribbon trees from The Girl Creative are perfect for bringing a hint of Christmas into your little space.

7 A festive string light Christmas tree

Since real Christmas trees also involve decorating with string lights, why not cut out the middle man and make a tree with just the lights instead? The blog A Pair & A Spare has the perfect guide to make this DIY dream into a reality.

8 A little tinsel tree to bring some sparkle to the room

Tinsel is generally frustrating to clean up, but it’s really only used once a year, around Christmastime. So why not create a little tree out of it? All you need is card stock, glue, and tinsel, based on these instructions from A Million Memories.

9 This gorgeous tree made of succulents

If you’re obsessed with succulents, the chances that you’re a millennial living in a cramped apartment are pretty high, so this is the perfect space-saving tree, really. Check out the instructions from Afloral.com.

10 A minimalist Washi tape wall design

Really, all you need to know is what color tape you want to use for your tree, and it could be as simple as taping an isosceles triangle shape to the wall. But feel free to follow the guide published by the blog Homeyohmy.

11 A creative and cool geometric paper tree design for your wall

HGTV contributor and DIY pro Meg Allan Cole has a video on HGTV’s YouTube channel, “Handmade,” that will give you a step-by-step guide to this project. All you need is the template, green paper, and patience.

What a great Christmas it’ll be now that you don’t have to yell “Timber” in your own home

Leave the tree business to the lumberjacks—or anyone who lives in a large home. For the people celebrating from their tiny apartments, it’s gonna be a crafty Christmas.