8 Christmas tattoos (real and temporary!) to help you deck yourself out in the holiday spirit

If you wish Christmas came every single second of every single day, we’ve got the solution to your problem. While you can ~deck the halls~ 24/7 and hang Christmas lights no matter the season, it’s a little bit easier to show Santa your dedication by getting a couple Christmas tattoos! Whether you’re into real or temporary tattoos (or a solid mix of both!), these inspiring Christmas tattoo designs are *so* ah-mazing, and we’re dying to get some Christmas tattoos of our own. We heart ’em!

If you don’t want anything too permanent, these temporary (but totally believable) tattoos are the way to go. Whether you rock an entire pack or stick with a simple, solo tattoo, you’ll be showing the world just who dedicated you are to the best season of the year.

1. These Happy Tree and Snowflake Temporary Tattoos ($4)


2. This Christmas tree temporary tattoo with all the works ($10)


3. These Tiny Red Flowers Temporary Tattoos ($4)


4. These Galaxy Snowflake Temporary Tattoos ($11)


If you’re all about real tattoos, we’ve got you covered, too!

These are stunning:

5. This teensy festive whale, because why not?

6. This precious little Christmas ornament

7. Literally the cutest narwhal from Elf

8. And this adorable snowman tattoo

TG for these amazing Christmas tattoos.

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