“A Christmas Prince” is the best Netflix movie ever made, and if you disagree you’re wrong

Twas a few weeks before Christmas, when all through the house, someone was like, “What holiday movie can I watch on Netflix right now?” Netflix must have heard this plea, so they blessed us with A Christmas Prince. It’s Netflix first original holiday movie, and oh wow, it has set the bar VERY high for whatever holiday movie comes next. Can Netflix ever truly top A Christmas Prince? Should they try and top A Christmas Prince? It’s going to be a risky move to try and one-up this masterpiece.

The plot of the movie is your regular holiday fare: Girl is a reporter down on her job, and gets one big break to travel to a CASTLE and cover an upcoming CORONATION for a womanizing prince. Girl is immediately in way over her head. Girl decides to pass herself off as the tutor for the prince’s younger sister. Girl and the prince’s younger sister bond. Girl and the prince bond. Girl discovers that there is a ROYAL SCANDAL looming, and has to figure out if she wants to snag the big story to further her career…or snag the prince??

The girl here in question, Amber, is played by Rose McIver, who you should probably know from iZombie because iZombie is a great show and I’m going to politely demand that you watch it. The prince here, Richard, is played by Ben Lamb, and here, I’ve made this easy for you: His Twitter, his Instagram, and his IMDb page. He is not the Ben Lamb poker player, even though they do kinda look a little bit alike. Different Ben Lamb.

The movie is your regular run-of-the-mill Christmas movie that you might find on Lifetime or Hallmark at this time of year, but A Christmas Prince feels different. Netflix is very smart, and Netflix knows what they are doing, and I truly believe they set out to make the cheesiest, sappiest, happiest, silliest Christmas movie ever made, AND BY GOLLY IT WORKED.

How so? The plot involves such things as: The prince’s younger sister is confined to a wheelchair! She’s in a sledding accident! Amber and Richard go horseback riding in the snow! There’s a sudden, unexpected kiss between Amber and Richard! And evil royal relatives who are trying to steal the crown away from Richard! And also the evil royals make fun of Amber’s shoes! And an adoption scandal! Plus, Amber Skypes with her sassy friends back home, and they literally add nothing to the plot other than sassy! And there’s a makeover scene! Because there’s a Christmas ball! AND Amber gets a “top of the stairs” moment when Amber enters the ball! And this is all before Christmas, the day Prince Richard is going to be crowned king because GET IT, he’s the Christmas Prince!

Honestly, it’s shocking that Netflix was able to pack this much into 92 minutes, but they did it. And they did it in stride.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that A Christmas Prince is so bad it’s good, because it’s not actually a bad movie. It is a highly enjoyable movie. Nothing about it is bad, it’s just campy and over the top — and it’s also exactly what we all need right now. You know what’s going to happen during the movie, and there are no twists and turns. None of it is shocking. Rather, it’s all warm and fuzzy like soft blanket, and that’s exactly how you should watch the movie. You should watch it with your favorite blanket, while drinking coco and eating freshly baked cookies, because that is a recipe for a perfect night.

If you’ve watched A Christmas Prince, I bet you’re shaking your head and going “Yes, you’re right, all of this is true, A Christmas Prince should EGOT.” If you haven’t watched A Christmas Prince, it’s right here on Netflix. Long live Aldovia.