Add some actual flair to your Christmas presents with these LED fiber optic bows

We have something you need to see if you are a gift wrapping queen who wants to bring your presents to the NEXT LEVEL this Christmas. And we aren’t exaggerating, since ThinkGeek’s Stellar LED Bow Set is perhaps the most magical accessory to add to your Christmas presents this (and any year, tbh).

With December 25th quickly approaching, you may already be set with your holiday wrapping paper, but what about the ribbons and bows to put on top of your gifts? Well, we suggest adding these fiber optic bows from ThinkGeek to your holiday presents.

For $9.99, you get six mylar silver bows and while mylar bows are nothing to write home about, what makes these so fancy is that each bow has a fiber optic spray in the center with a LED light that changes colors.


How cool is that?!

The batteries are included with the bow, but they only last for 48 hours. So make sure to keep the bows off until it’s gift opening time to make the most out of this accessory.

Of course, you want the people on your Christmas list to be most impressed with the gift inside of the wrapping, but why not take their breath away immediately with these LED bows? With this bow set, the gifts under your Christmas tree will look even more fabulous than usual.

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