8 pairs of Christmas Minnie Mouse ears that you need for the holidays

Two of our favorite things just combined into one perfect item: Christmas and Disney. If you’re a mouse ears aficionado, you NEED a pair of Christmas Minnie Mouse ears. Fortunately, the Etsy shop emporiumonmain has a ton of different festive styles to choose from. We definitely know what we’re adding to our Christmas lists and stuffing in everyone’s stockings this year.

We can’t wait to get our hands on a pair of these Christmas Minnie Mouse ears and wear them to Disneyland. Or out Christmas shopping. Or to see Santa at the mall. Or at home while putting up holiday decorations. Or anywhere, really. After all, Disney World started decorating for Christmas back in October, which makes “the happiest place on Earth” even happier than usual. Oh, and there are all kinds of holiday-themed treats at the parks to indulge in too. You can ride the lit-up It’s a Small Worle ride and binge on peppermint candy cane churros to your heart’s content. All while wearing your Christmas Minnie Mouse ears.

Sure, we already have a pair of Unicorn Rainbow Minnie Mouse ears, as well as a pair of Rose Gold Minnie Mouse ears. But TBH, can we ever have ~too many~ different pairs of Minnie Mouse ears? Didn’t think so. Here are some of our favorite pairs for the holidays! Bonus: Many of them come in a variety of different colors too.

1These red and green Christmas Minnie Mouse ears are SO festive.


You can buy them here.

2This pair is more traditional, but will still put you in a holiday state of mind.


You can buy them here.

3Or, you can go all in with these bright ears!


You can buy them here.

4These Christmas Minnie Mouse ears feature adorable snowflake fabric.


You can buy them here.

5This pair has Christmas lights!


You can buy them here.

6These feature Mickey and Minnie all dressed up for the holidays.


You can buy them here.

7This pair of Christmas Minnie Mouse ears has a very stylish-yet-cozy buffalo check pattern.


You can buy them here.

8And finally, these child-sized reindeer ears are perfect for the Disney-loving kiddo in your life.


emporiumonmain says they’re ideal for kids, but they CAN fit adults too. You can buy them here.

Order your perfect pair of Christmas Minnie Mouse ears just in time for the holidays!

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