21 things all Christmas lovers do on December 1st

Guys. It’s here. IT’S HERE.

December has officially begun, and that means that it’s practically Christmas. It’s time to begin the preparations! Here are a bunch of things all Christmas lovers will start doing today. (Though if you’re a truly Christmas-crazed gal like me, you probably started celebrating as soon as Halloween was over, much to the chagrin of your less-obsessed loved ones.)

1. Create the perfect holiday Spotify playlist

Not only for Christmas cheer, but also so that we can pretend to be Mariah Carey.

2. Break out the Santa hat. . .

It’s captures the holiday spirit, all while keeping your head delightfully warm!

3. . . . and Christmas socks

There are at least three pairs of socks we save for this fabulous month. (And January as well, if we’re being honest here. It’s hard to let go.)

4. Start baking all of the Christmas cookies

It’s the act of baking while wearing a Santa hat and blasting Christmas music that makes us excited. But still, look at how sexy these cookies are.

5. Stock up on candy canes

They taste delicious to us simply because they taste like Christmas. Plus, we can give them out to people and spread Christmas cheer.

. . . But none for Gretchen Wieners.

6. Start putting up lights (both indoors and outdoors). . .


7. . . and freak out whenever we notice any lights around the neighborhood

That means making our friends pull over to look at especially pretty displays. And taking mental notes of our favorites so we can keep going back. And trying to take pictures of them over and over so we can remember them all year, but the pictures never turn out quite how we’d hope, which weirdly just makes it all the more magical. (Yeah, we’ve thought about this a lot.)

8. Drink hot chocolate pretty much every night. . .

There’s nothing more Christmas-y than wearing a big, thick sweater and drinking hot chocolate next to the fire. Bonus points if red and green sprinkles are available.

9. . . . and add mint to everything

If you haven’t tried it, white hot chocolate with mint tastes like a Christmas explosion.

10. Memorize ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas movie schedule

We already know that Elf will be on tonight at 8:00—10:00PM. (But for anyone else who needs it, you can like the Facebook page here.)

11. Watch that one Christmas movie a million times. . .

Love Actually, anyone? (*SOB*)

12. . . . and force friends to, too

Friends don’t share your passion for Christmas? TOO BAD FOR THEM.

13. Start wearing all red and green

We probably would wear these ornaments as earrings every single day of the month (or year).

14. Hunt for a new ugly Christmas sweater

I mean, we already have like 15, but one more couldn’t hurt.

15. Beg your family to start looking for the perfect Christmas tree. . .

A little part of you feels guilty for chopping it down, but you know you’ll give it a loving home.

16. . . . and make an event of decorating it

You can’t make any plans for that entire evening, because the tree needs to look perfect.

17. Set up decorations all over the house

It ends up looking a bit like this; but if you think this is crazy, you should see what it looks like on the inside.

18. Constantly check the weather channel for snow

BECAUSE IT MAKES EVERYTHING SO MUCH CHRISTMAS-Y-ER. The thought of a white Christmas—it’s almost too much to bear. Almost.

19. Buy Starbucks (more than usual)

Even if we’re not normally Starbucks enthusiasts, we have to appreciate the red cup. (And here you thought your hot chocolate couldn’t get any more festive.)

20. Actually start watching advertisements

December is the only month where advertisements are just as fun to watch as TV shows, because they are filled with spirit! (Especially the Coca-Cola bears.)

21. Start wrapping all of the gifts we’ve bought for loved ones

We’ve already got the Christmas gift thing covered, obviously, but wrapping with Christmas music playing in the background? It’s one of the best parts!

That being said, we know Christmas isn’t about the gifts. . .

. . . Which is why we love it most of all.

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