Christmas-themed hair color is surprisingly stunning

Holiday hair is some of our favorite hair. But we were admittedly a bit dubious when we heard about people dyeing their hair in Christmas colors. Bright red and bright green? Doesn’t seem like the most subtle combo. But we were proved entirely wrong by these beauties. This definitely gives us some hairspiration for the coming weeks!

Red and green looks especially classy on darker shades, but what really sells this style is the effortless ombre.

And it turns out that a slight tweak in colors — a blue/green and red/purple combo — looks festive but could also work long after the season’s parties are over.

See what we mean? Gorgeous.

But going all in on a single color is also totally holiday-friendly, not to mention absolutely amazing when you get a red this vibrant:

A slight red fade on your tips would also give your look something extra:

If you don’t want to do something too drastic, a deep green hiding under your locks looks so pretty peeking out from an updo:

And if you’re really on the fence, there’s always hair chalk to create a celebratory (but totally temporary!) accent to your holiday hair:

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