5 unreal Christmas cakes that are just too pretty to eat (but we definitely still would)

We’ve seen some pretty incredible cakes in our time. Who could forget the soda bottles that were actually cakes? Or the deliciously messy drizzle cake trend of summer 2016? But just in time for the holidays, there’s a new craze in the confectionary world, and this one truly takes the…well, you know. These beautifully sculpted festive creations have been tearing up our Instagram feeds, and we just can’t get enough. With details to rival a winter wedding cake, designer Christmas cakes are truly centerpiece-worthy.

Since these desserts double as works of art, you know they won’t come cheap. So the question is: can you bring yourself to slice into one of these gorgeous Christmas cakes?

1Turkey for dessert

Not gonna lie, we’d have this turkey cake for the main course if someone let us. The cake was created by a student at the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, which offers a Designer Cakes certificate. We’re especially impressed by the textures of the turkey skin and the stuffing!

2Sleeping Santa Claus

Believe it or not, this isn’t the only Santa we’ve seen tucked under a fondant duvet this year. But we love the adorable addition of Rudolph (and his carrot) waiting patiently at Santa’s bedside! Other little details, like the boots and plate of cookies, make this one of our favorite Christmas cakes.

3A wreath of cupcakes


Cafe Sweets has cooked up more than a few adorable Christmas cakes this year, but we love this wreath most of all. The male and female cardinal add a classic touch, and little details like snowflakes and pine cones tie the scene together nicely. Bonus: maybe eating *just one* cupcake won’t totally ruin the effect…

4Olaf and Elsa in Arendelle


This super-embellished drizzle cake from the Artillicious Cakery totally has us singing “Let it Go.” For the littlest ones around your tree, Christmas means Frozen season, so give them a taste of their favorite film with a glowing, sculpted Olaf and Elsa cake.

5A snow family


Choccywoccydoodah is famous for their over the top creations, so obviously their Christmas cakes are no exception. We love this intricately sculpted snow family — complete with snow dog. How decadent is this: They’re standing on top of a cake bathed in white chocolate drizzle. We might just have to sneak a slice…

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