A quote from Christine Blasey Ford’s Senate testimony was spray-painted outside of Brett Kavanaugh’s alma mater

A chilling quote from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s Senate testimony appeared outside of Yale Law School on Monday morning, October 22nd. If you didn’t know, Brett Kavanaugh, whom Dr. Ford accused of sexual assault, attended Yale Law School. Both Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh testified before the Senate on September 27th, where Ford recounted details of the alleged assault during their time in high school. Despite Ford’s convincing testimony, on October 6th, Kavanaugh was sworn in as Supreme Court justice.

Early this morning, Yale Law student Laurel Raymond took to Twitter to show the spray-painted words, “Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter…”

The quote references Dr. Ford’s testimony, in which she recalls Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge laughing during the assault. She recounted, “Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter…The uproarious laughter between the two. They’re having fun at my expense.”

A few hours later at around noon, the spray-paint was removed from the entrance.

In an interview with HuffPost, Raymond said the walls of Yale Law “have been papered with fliers that people have filled out with why they’re ‘demanding better’ since the Senate hearing.

"Something about the permanence of paint speaks to how deeply betrayed and disappointed people feel," she said. "There’s still a lot of anger and disappointment in the halls of [Yale Law]. I think in particular, a lot of female students feel very fundamentally betrayed. But also very determined to change things for the better."

We still stand by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and are happy that some students at Yale Law School do, too.