Christina Ricci is “dressed up” as Morticia Addams, and it’s random and awesome

Sometimes the Internet makes dreams we never even THOUGHT about come true. The idea of Wednesday Adams dressing up like her mom, Morticia, has probably never crossed your mind (and if it has, let’s be friends). But that’s an idea the Internet came up with, and then they made it REAL. Well, as real as Photoshop can be, I guess. But hey, we’ll take it!

Recently, the Internet — allegedly first originating with the Tumblr Mystical Enchantment — posted a picture of Christina Ricci dressed up as Morticia Addams. If you know your ’90s movies well, and know your Addams Family movies backwards and forwards, Ricci played little Wednesday Addams in both movies. The role of Morticia Adams was played perfectly by Angelica Huston. This was back in 1991 and 1993. We haven’t heart much from the Addams Family since then, which is a bummer.

And then someone decided to morph the daughter into her mother and we LOVE the outcome. Yes, the photo is 100% fake, and 100% Photoshopped, but we’re still obsessed with it. Can’t believe no one though to do this earlier. Everything aside from Ricci’s face and plunging neckline actually belongs to an old promotional image of Huston for the Addams Family movies. It’s still downright fabulous, even if it is some really good photo editing.

This image — still fake, we haven’t forgotten, don’t worry — makes us wish dearly for another Addams Family movie. Can’t you just see a plot where Wednesday has to accept that she’s slowly turning into her awesome mother? We’d see that movie a hundred times in theaters. So now only have we just found Ricci’s Halloween costume for this year, it’s time to start begging for an Addams Family reboot. PLEASE?

(Image via Paramount Pictures)