Christina Milian gives us the 411 on her new line of wines, her return to (’90s-themed!) TV, and her #girlboss advice

Christina Milian? Honestly, it’s been a little while since we’ve heard that name. But the actress, singer-songwriter, and entrepreneur is returning in a big way. But don’t call it a comeback, she’s been here for years! No, seriously.

Milian moved out to Los Angeles from Jersey City, New Jersey and signed a contract with a major record label at age 19, in 2000. She produced three studio albums, and has made it to the Billboard Hot 100 a few times, thanks to her killer vocals and catchy lyrics.

While she’s best known for her singing career (she even recorded the theme song for Disney’s Kim Possible) Milian dreamed of being an actor. She landed her first lead role in the 2003 romantic comedy Love Don’t Cost a Thing, and was kind of unstoppable after that, appearing in several other TV shows and films, including Bring It On: Fight to the Finish.

These days, Milian is flexing her entrepreneurial muscles and empowering women with a new line of fruit-infused moscatos called Viva Diva Wines.

Viva Diva makes naturally infused moscatos in a variety of flavors, including peach, mango, strawberry, and piña colada. The brand is owned by Milian, her mom, and her publicist — three strong women whose goal is to empower women and to help them embrace their own inner diva.

We had the opportunity ask Christina about Viva Diva, her upcoming projects, and her inspirations. Here’s what she had to say.

HelloGiggles: How did the idea for Viva Diva Wines come about?

Christina Milian: Viva Diva Wines came about when I was at a GBK Celebrity Gift Lounge a few years back. I saw the wine line there, and immediately fell in love with the product. They had told me they were looking for a new celebrity ambassador, and we exchanged information. I ended up buying the company with my mom and publicist, Robyn [Santiago]. We are working hard with our Viva Diva team to launch the brand in more states and internationally. In November, we are launching in Canada.

HG: Do you have plans of possibly expanding to a full range of spirits — Viva Diva Whiskey, Viva Diva Vodka, and so on?

CM: Right now, our focus is getting the Moscato varietals nationwide and then there is a possibility of a Vodka Moscato.

HG: The goal of Viva Diva is to empower women, right? We want to know who inspires and empowers you.

CM: I am all about women empowering women, and I want to make sure any brand I am a part of has that same goal. My mom and two sisters are my biggest inspirations. They are all strong, hard-working and incredible women who inspire me daily to be a better person.

HG: You’ve kind of done it all: singer, actress, and entrepreneur. What advice would you give to women trying to pursue similar goals?

CM: My advice to women everywhere is to find what you’re passionate about, and do everything you can to make it happen and never give up. You’re going to have people trying to knock you down on your way to the top. As long as you remain ambitious and eager, the sky is the limit.

HG: Speaking of doing it all, can you tell us about the other projects you’re currently working on?

CM: Lance Bass and I are hosting a new show called ’90s House on MTV. It’s a competition show that places 12 millennial housemates in a ’90s-inspired house, and forces them to officially unplug their modern-day devices and get back to the technology, catch phrases, and fashion from that decade. It’s a lot of fun! I am also working on new music to release this year!

HG: Here at HelloGiggles, we’re obsessed with beauty routines and finding awesome new products. What’s your one beauty must-have for fall?

CM: I love a dark berry lip. I think it’s sexy and always makes me feel confident.

HG: Finally, you’ve created this incredible line of moscatos to empower women and you have an adorable daughter. If you could give her one bit of advice as a little black girl growing up in America right now, what would it be?

CM: My advice for Violet is to never doubt herself, and to continue to treat each and every one of her friends, classmates and teachers with kindness and respect. I want her to always remain true to her hilarious and goofy self.

You can pick up a bottle (or six) of Viva Diva Wines from or your usual wine spot. And if you’re in the mood for nostalgia, you can catch Christina and Lance on MTV’s ’90s House on Thursdays at 11pm EST.