This former “The Voice” contestant’s tribute to Christina Grimmie will have you in tears

On June 11th, singer and contestant on The Voice, Christina Grimmie, was shot and killed while signing autographs after a show in Orlando, Florida. Arists who knew Christina, like Selena Gomez and Adam Levine, have expressed their heartbreak over her death and now former The Voice contestant, Kat Perkins, who Teen Vogue reports was on “Team Adam” with Christina, has recording a touching tribute.

Titled “Angels,” the song is dedicated not just to Christina Grimmie, but also the victims of the Orlando shooting, which happened the same weekend as Christina’s death. The song assures both the victims and their families that “There must be angels watching over you.”


All proceeds from the song go towards the Grimmie family’s GoFundMe account which, despite having raised an incredible $191,005 at the time of writing this post, could always use more love.

This single is the ultimate gift because Christina was someone who really knew music. The contestant had a YouTube channel and had gained online fame well before stepping on the stage of The Voice. She grew up sharing her voice with the world, and now it lives on in the music of other people.

We love Kat Perkins’s tribute and hope that everyone who hears it is reminded of the importance of love and respect and treating each other with the kindness we deserve.

Watch the beautiful video below:

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