Christina Applegate discovered the key to surviving Disneyland with kids and it’s magical

Ah, Disneyland. That magical world where your favorite fantasy characters come to life and every experience is filled with exciting rides and tasty treats. But, TBH, the lines can get long, the days can get hot, and the kids around you can get cranky.

So what do you do to continue to have the happiest day ever at “The Happiest Place On Earth”?

Well, Christina Applegate figured out a great solution. And, luckily for all of us, she shared her secret during an interview with Conan O’Brien a few days ago.


When the mom of five-year-old daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble visits Disneyland, she gets a guide as part of the resort’s VIP tours. And that means she doesn’t have to wait in line. “It’s worth it,” she says.

But if you don’t want to splurge on the VIP treatment, Christina figured out another little trick to help get her through the theme park marathon.

“The California Adventure side has booze,” she says, with the a little twinkle in her eye.

Apparently, there’s a restaurant where the alcohol flows like water (if you’re of age, of course) and all the parents who are about to step into throngs of tourists in crazy summer heat have found it to be their saving grace.


Christina joked about her experience. “The waitress just kept saying, ‘I’m gonna bring you more booze, you’re gonna need it, it’s very crowded on the other side today.’ I was like, ‘No I’m actually fine,’ and she was like, ‘No I’m bringing you another one.’”

Then she pantomimes what it looked like with all of the adults in the restaurant tossing back drinks and it is magical. Watch her describe the whole experience in the delightful video below.

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