Christina Aguilera’s son “filled in” for his mom at dance rehearsal, and LOL

We’ve all been caught singing “Ain’t No Other Man” into a water bottle while dancing in front of the mirror. But Christina Aguilera’s son Max has outdone us all. Max “filled in” for his famous mom at her dance rehearsal the other day and knocked the performance out of the park.

Having come from music royalty, Max knows how to shake his booty and belt that high note with drama and finesse. Seriously though — we hope Max realizes he is living every Xtina fan’s dream by jamming out with her background dancers.

Perhaps we’ll see Aguilera rock some Max-inspired moves at her next show!

And as if this song and dance number doesn’t prove that Max idolizes his mama, he’s also wearing an Emoji Movie tee. Aguilera plays singing sensation Akiko Glitter in the upcoming film and it’s clear that little Max is proud of his mom’s latest gig.

Formerly a judge on The Voice, Aguilera has been rumored to be working on a music industry comeback. The fact that she and her son were attending a dance rehearsal makes us think that there’s something really good brewing behind-the-scenes.

Will she drop a surprise album à la Beyoncé? Or perhaps she’s planning a surprise performance at August’s MTV Music Awards.

All we can do is sit back and wait patiently for the comeback of the century. If Aguilera hires Max as her dance coach, we know her return to the stage will be straight fire. Those feet of his are unstoppable!

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