Christina Aguilera celebrated her 4th of July with the most extra photoshoot, and we love it

This Independence Day, one person was really feeling herself. To celebrate freedom and liberty, Christina Aguilera did a 4th of July photoshoot, and it’s the most extra thing we’ve ever seen.

Now, we know that Christina Aguilera (aka Xtina) has had some pretty iconic looks. The singer has even inspired modern starlets, like Kylie Jenner, to get dirrty — a look that was endorsed by the “Beautiful” singer herself. Essentially, whether she’s throwing it back to the era of disco, or going back to basics, Christina knows how to strike a pose and totally slay a look.

However, it’s Christina Aguilera’s 4th of July photoshoot that we’re currently obsessing over.

The patriotic queen donned a red, white, and blue swimsuit (obvs), got in the pool, and then rocked some poses. Tbh, this whole photoshoot has us LIVING, and we love how confident and fabulous Christina looks. false

The star even paid attention to detail with her 4th of July-inspired nails. If you look closely, they all have little illustrations and designs on them.

“How did you spend your 4th of July, Christina?”


Christina didn’t just spend her holiday posing in the pool. The singer also shared some adorable snaps of her two children, Max and Summer Rain, along with her fiancé, Matthew Rutler.

However, this is Xtina that we’re talking about, and the star took the opportunity to get just one solo shot in (and it’s a good’un, too).

While Christina’s photos are super extra, we actually love that about them. We love that she’s clearly feeling herself, and is so confident that she looks fabulous that she just had to share that with the world.

As she once sang, you’re beautiful in every single way, and, tbh Xtina, we have to agree!

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