Christie Brinkley’s daughter Sailor Cook has basically grown up to be her mother’s twin

As one of the most successful supermodels of ALL TIME, you can imagine Christie Brinkley has left some pretty big shoes to fill.

And this multifaceted supermodel, actor, illustrator, photographer, activist (OMG the list could go oooon) has been dominating the world since before you could even say the word “dominate.”

Just check out this queen posing for Vogue back in 1977.


Well, it looks like there’s actually one person who’s very up to the task of filling this icon’s shoes, and no surprise really, it’s her very own daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cook!

Look at this star channeling her mom’s style!

We had to do a serious double-take here!

“Got some signature poses down, mom!”

Do you think Christie ever wonders if she’s just looking in a mirror.

And Sailor has even been known to channel some other fashion icons other than her mom, like Bridget Bardot!

And here she is a few years ago with mom and her half-sister Alexa Ray Joel.

Clearly, this is one proud, mama!

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