Christian Dior’s Paris fashion week show looked like an ethereal forest wedding that we wish we were invited to

Is high fashion a thing in the Shire? How about in the middle of any given fairytale woods? If you answered no, you have not yet seen the insane beauty and whimsy that is Christian Dior’s haute couture show. “Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri moved from her debut’s feminist [shirts] into a fantasy world that heralded a bold new attitude,” reports The Guardian, and it’s so ethereal you have to see cold hard evidence of this show to believe it existed. Fittingly, this weekend’s record-breaking Women’s March included tons of proud, powerful women and men in Chiuri’s now famous “We should all be feminists” tees that premiered at Dior’s show three months ago. Now she’s on to more light-hearted matters, and the result is breathtaking at every angle.

Let’s step inside this fashion-fairy wonderland, shall we?


The event was called the “Grand Bal Christian Dior” and…we get it. Those are mirrored ceilings, fyi.


That is a suited Minotaur sitting beside a smorgasbord of decanters and domes covering a variety of luscious forest foods. We’re struggling to write something pithy and interesting about it, but it feels like the description itself is pretty much all you need.


The looks ranged from natural fairy princess to feisty, preening peacock. The lush green background provided an intense yet delicate background for these flowy, floating garments.


This otherwordly model is serving some major spring-wedding inspo. Imagine a similar dress on your big day? The layered chiffon and delicate leaf detail are mesmerizing. We can’t stop staring!


The models sported a minimal-makeup yet super wide range of ladybug spots, delicate frosts and pale, near blueish complexions. Hair was left super textured and fuss free, resulting in a sort of rolled-around-in-the-moss-all-day vibe that we will definitely try at home (ie: wake up with bed head and go!).


How many Hobbits do you think could fit in here? How ’bout elves? Gnomes? Nymphs?


It’s a full-out fairy parade and we are the most captive audience.


These headdresses are all at once Vegas AND Alice in Wonderland. The balance is something only Dior would attempt. (Um, those birdcages are making us want a backyard like this. Imagine the picnics? Okay, it’s officially Pinterest time, bye forever.)


Never have matte greenery and metallics clashed so harmoniously. We are inspired.


We’re thinking we’re going to channel the above look for a sweet, small Easter brunch at our place. What, too much? Not enough? You have a few more months to decide (but it’s happening).

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