Chrissy Teigen’s super cheap beauty product go-tos make her feel like a “hippie”

Among the myriad of ways celebrities are blessed in this world, one of the most jealousy-inducing things is how much free stuff they get! Brands send them clothes, hair, makeup, and skincare products in the hopes that they’ll get a shoutout.  Usually it’s really fancy stuff that normal plebs like us would never be able to test, let alone purchase! But there are also stars like the awesome Chrissy Teigen, who loves to keep it real and recently admitted to her favorite cheap drugstore beauty purchase. In an interview with E! Online, she spilled the deets.

"I'm so simple, I feel like such a hippie sometimes. I love Vaseline and Aquaphor," Teigen said.

Us too, Chrissy! Vaseline and Aquaphor can be total skin savers and couldn’t be more affordable! You can use it on rough patches on your skin, like on elbows and legs in the winter when it’s super dry out. Or you can use it on your lips if they’re flaky and peeling. You can even use it to give a delicious massage! You can literally get a tub of Vaseline for a little more than a buck, and Aquaphor goes for about $5 at Target.

Chrissy’s always so down to earth and relatable, so it’s always a delight to see what she has to say!

Chrissy’s got a great husband, an adorable baby, and is the funniest person on social media. Doesn’t get much better than that! Fans love her because they know that she’s real and heartfelt. Learning that she’s just like us and obsessed with Aquaphor and Vaseline is just the icing on the cake!

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