Chrissy Teigen’s response to a bully saying John Legend is “illiterate” is fire

Absolutely no one comes between the world’s greatest husband-wife team, especially not a troll on Twitter. So when someone on the site called her husband “illiterate,” Chrissy Teigen defended John Legend with the most mother-effing-badass response she could muster. Mama bear instincts? Check!

After Donald Trump went off on Twitter about all the “A-list celebrities” who have been demanding tickets to his inauguration (even though pretty much everyone has refused to perform), Chrissy shot back with a pointed message.

Here’s how that exchange went down:

Talk about no holds barred!

Chrissy’s comments didn’t go over well with some people, and ignited a roar from the deepest reaches of the site. One user had the nerve to say they were glad John wouldn’t be performing at the event in January, because he’s “illiterate.” false

You think you can call John Legend illiterate and get away with it? Think again!

Chrissy shot back with a response that was somehow both sweet-as-pie and totally biting. false

And that’s what we call a master class in clapping back!

Chrissy’s been lighting up Twitter all week, giving a fan the dress off her back after the young woman said she loved it, and joking about how she and John will never get divorced (phew!) because she’s just too lazy to endure the process.

Keep keeping it real, Chrissy. We’re constantly learning from your badass ways.

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