Chrissy Teigen’s one word reaction to her stretch marks proves brevity is the soul of wit

In a world filled with Photoshop, at least we have Chrissy Teigen to keep it real for us. While so many things we see are touched-up, Chrissy is always the first person to speak her mind and embrace her body. And, in doing so, she inspires us to do this same.

That’s why we love that Chrissy Teigen playfully showed off her stretch marks in a recent tweet.

Rather than going into detail about how she deals with them or going out of her way to cover them up, she just keeps it real. She posts the untouched picture with her unfiltered thoughts. And it is perfection.

You can almost see Chrissy smiling and shrugging while saying “whatevs” directly to her stretch marks as she posts this.

Leave it to Chrissy to say so much by saying so little.

The model and mother has been an outspoken advocate for body love before. She’s gone to great lengths to continue to be grounded and honest about her body. And, as a result, people everywhere continue to identify with her.

Celebs and regular people alike responded to her delightful tweet with their total support and gratitude.


And lots of people made the very valid point that her stretch marks should be worn as a source of pride.


But most people just wanted Chrissy to know that she’s the best.

Because, in continuing to do amazing little gestures like this, she honestly is.

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