We can’t stop watching Chrissy Teigen’s adorable dance moves backstage at “Lip Sync Battle”

In this new video with The Hollywood Reporter, the lovely Chrissy Teigen takes us behind the scenes on the new set of our favorite show Lip Sync Battle, giving us all sorts of insider scoops!

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Some of those inside scoops include showing off her ah-mah-zing dance moves.


“I don’t really have any rhythm…my amazing dance moves… it’s a lot of arms,” Chrissy laughs at herself.

look how much space they have backstage!

We guess they’d need it for all that practicing!


Faux-fur is pop-u-lar at the Lip Sync Battle

“People really gravitate to the furs we notice… the faux furs!” Chrissy jokes.



(I’d happily take the suit of money.)

There’s a bar on set.


You know, to help calm those contestants’ nerves.

The Lip Sync Battle sign gives out a lot of heat.


It would have to, considering all those lightbulbs!

Chrissy’s adorable pups visit the set!


“Look at all these dogs!” Chrissy squeals.

Her supportive husband is on set, too!


Thanks for the inside scoop, Chrissy! We can’t wait to see what awesomeness the show gets up to next.

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