Here’s what the passengers on Chrissy Teigen’s bizarre flight got for their inconvenience

On December 26th, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend boarded an All Nippon Airways flight to Tokyo when their flight turned around and headed back to LAX after four hours in the sky. Turns out some dude was on the wrong plane, and naturally, people were annoyed that they had to turn around for one person’s mistake. Everyone eventually got back on a different plane (hours later) and were compensated with 30,000 yen for their troubles! Whoa, 30,000 yen, that’s like…$265 U.S. dollars. Hmm.

A passenger told TMZ that when the airline began to hand out the cash, everyone freaked out until they learned that it was only $260-ish bucks. Not bad, but like, not expected when you hear the words THIRTY THOUSAND YEN. Teigen live-tweeted the entire ordeal, and according to her tweet’s time stamps, at 5:23 p.m. she had already been on the flight for four hours and at 1:00 a.m. she was finally on a second flight back to Tokyo.

So, to waste an entire day (not including the 17 hour time difference when they land in Japan), passengers were comped $265. Yeesh.


As for the mix-up in the first place, officers told ABC News that twin brothers with nearly identical names boarded the All Nippon Airways flight, but only one brother had a ticket. One brother entered the airport with a United Airlines ticket, but somehow boarded the ANA flight with a duplicate of his twin’s ticket. The FBI is considering weighing criminal charges against them.

The only downside to this whole thing is that TMZ suspects that Teigen and Legend didn’t get the 30,000 yen payout because they boarded a different makeup flight than the rest of the passengers. However, based on this recent tweet — we think Teigen is going to be okay.

From flight sagas to #MelonTweets — Teigen is the best part of Twitter.

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