Chrissy Teigen’s “73 Questions” takes us inside her Halloween-ready home, and this is one boo-tiful pad

Vogue‘s “73 Questions” series is awesome. Not only do we get to see inside celebrities’ homes and experience their personal style up close, but it feels like a more fun, off-the-cuff interview, than say, some televised sit-down. When we saw that Chrissy Teigen answered the 73 questions, we were ecstatic, because not only is Teigen crazy charismatic, but she’s the queen of Twitter one-liners, so we wondered if that would translate to camera.

Bonus: Her house is dressed in minimal Halloween gear and baby Luna made an appearance to hand out candy.

Oh, second bonus, she carried her adorable dog Pablo around her sprawling backyard, which was recently decked out with faux headstones. 


And then Luna showed up with a basket of candy, and we collectively squealed.


Oh, and her kitchen is *kisses fingers* perfection.


We also learned a ton of fun facts about Teigen in the process. Like…

Her house once belonged to Rihanna. She likes Twitter more than Instagram, because with Twitter “you have more of a voice.” She says the hardest thing about being a mom is waking up early. On her best kitchen hack, she says, “having your mom live with you, that helps.” Her fave late night snack is a Hot Pocket (though we knew that already), she carries sunglasses and La Mer in her carry-on, and still loves Lisa Frank.

Her best beauty secret is to grow out your brows, and says that when she met Barack Obama he was “charming and brilliant.” Oh, and last but not least, she and husband John Legend’s marriage mantra is “keeping it sexy.”

Watch the whole interview above, which is fun, but also THAT HOUSE THOUGH.

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