Chrissy Teigen worked out in an ’80s lycra bodysuit while eating french fries in this video for “Love,” and this is why we love her

For obvious reasons, it’s always a great day when we get to talk about french fries and ’80s-style lycra bodysuits.

Specifically, the bodysuit that Chrissy Teigen wore for her Love magazine photoshoot, and the french fries that she snacked on because DUH who needs an excuse to do that? Yup, all our Christmases just came at once.

Seriously, we’d seen Kendall Jenner look totally badass in her Love magazine shoot, and Kim Kardashian wearing lingerie and a fur coat in her space-themed one, but nothing could prepare us for this burst of ’80s workout nostalgia. From the eye-popping bright blue colors, to the big curls in Teigen’s hair, to the absolutely ridiculous and intentionally over-the-top boob and butt shots, we’re loving this.

Damn, those are some mooooooves.

Naturally they remind us of Flashdance, not to mention all the best ’80s work out videos that were always kind of weirdly sexual. We’re calling this little homage a slam dunk.

And okay fine, so french fries aren’t traditionally supposed to be eaten while working out…but it’s the holidays, and no rules apply! Plus, it’s like a reward for doing good work…just…don’t question it.

And if after witnessing all that thrusting and pushing, you’re in the market for something more modest, we’re happy to provide!

Let’s just switch gears and ooh and aww over Teigen’s daughter Luna meeting Santa! Because, it’s FRIDAY and why not?!

"She did such a good job!" "She didn't even cry!" We only share what we want you to see, my loves. Lol."

This family…so many laughs and feels.

But back to the bodysuit and fries. WE’re crushing so hard on Love magazine’s Christmas countdown, and how creative and different each of the videos are. Keep kicking ass and featuring badass ladies, you guys!

And if you’ve been wondering when to bust out that bodysuit, now seems like a good time.

Chrissy, keep doing what you do, girl.

H/T: People

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