Chrissy Teigen got brutally honest about the reality of “having it all” as a woman

Between her enviable job, her awesome family, her ability to travel around the world, and her talents in the kitchen, it truly does seem like Chrissy Teigen has it all.

But as our favorite “tells it like it is” gal is always quick to remind us, having it all is pretty much impossible without full-time help. So when we see Teigen and Legend step out on the red carpet at events like Thursday night’s Beauty and the Beast premiere and Sunday night’s Oscars, we need to curb our mild envy and realize that, in the celebrity world, it truly does take a village.

“Not a lot of people can do that: can go on date nights, can have a sitter, have someone take care of their baby. ‘Me time’ is important, but not everybody can do it,” Teigen told Entertainment Tonight in February.

Every time I look at Luna, I wonder, 'How on earth does anybody do this alone?' I have the utmost respect for mothers [and] single mothers. I have my mother who lives with us, I have John, I have a nanny. I'm very outspoken about it, and when I see that I still have a difficult time, I just don't know how anyone else does it."

We still don’t know how Teigen does it either, since even with the village she just described, we don’t know if we’d be able to pull off being a badass wife, badass mom, badass bikini model, badass cook, and badass Twitter comedienne all at the same time. But we’re grateful for Teigen for keeping it so refreshingly real, and hope to one day find a mini-village of our own.

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