Chrissy Teigen Posted a Nude Selfie to Show Off Her Endometriosis Scars

She might actually be a superhero.

Chrissy Teigen may have a life full of valentines (husband John Legend, kids Luna and Miles, mom Pepper, animals galore, adoring Twitter stans, etc.), but this year, Teigen decided to be her own valentine and encouraged others to do the same. The mom, model, and cookbook author posted a nude mirror selfie to her Instagram Story on Valentine’s Day to show off her scars from breast implant surgery and the endometriosis surgery she got earlier this month and tell her followers to love themselves.

Happy Valentine’s Day, she wrote over the image. Love yourself!! Bitch has been throuuugh it. She also included a little bandaid emoji in the post.

Teigen went in for endometriosis surgery (laparoscopy) on February 4th, the same week her son Jack was supposed to be born if she had carried him to full term. A laparoscopy procedure is done by inserting a thin, fiberoptic scope into the lower abdomen through a small incision in order to remove ovarian cysts, overgrown uterine tissue, and/or repairing blocked fallopian tubes, if necessary.

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On February 3rd, Teigen tweeted and asked anyone who had undergone the surgery what the recovery process is like—”like can I make soup after?” she asked.

After returning home on the 4th, Teigen gave an update: “holy shit it’s a no on the soup but a go on the Curb,” she wrote sharing a video of her bandaged abdomen. Recovery from a laparoscopy can take anywhere between two to four weeks.

Luckily, Teigen wrote in an Instagram comment that her recovery has been super speedy. She posted a video of herself getting ready to shoot photos for her cookbook and a fan asked “Holy cow how are you moving like that 3 days after endo surgery! I could barely walk for a week!”

Honestly no idea, Teigen responded. My body amazes me lately. No painkillers either! feel like a superhero.

And those scars are evidence that Teigen is, in fact, a superhero. If you have scars, show them. They make you the strong person you are today.

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