Chrissy Teigen hilariously walks us through the struggle to maintain hair volume

You guys, Chrissy Teigen has had her share of hair problems. Or at least that’s the story she’s telling with her new TRESemmé commercial.

As Teigen tells it, “throughout [her] life, [she] has ALWAYS had to compromise to get volume.” Cut to 2007 AKA a Style Dark Age for Teigen. Cue a millon curlers:


And when Teigen runs out of curlers but still has hair left to curl:


Well, Teigen is nothing if not, um, resourceful:


Unfortunately, she still has to contend with gross hairspray:


Which earns her the nickname “Crispy Chrissy”:


Even as recently as last month, Teigen was having volume issues. The “no conditioner” regimen was no bueno for the supermodel:


We feel compelled to remind everyone here that Teigen IS advertising volume products for TRESemmé, and so it behooves her to paint a grim picture of the past in which her hair was always the worst. But, um, we’ve SEEN pictures of Teigen, we know her hair is #flawless. So take this hair commercial with a huge grain of salt. Actually,  take ALL hair commercials with a huge grain of salt.

Still, there are life lessons to be learned from this minute of hilarity. Like how we should all recognize the value of conditioner! Also, in a pinch, Coke cans make A+ curlers. And this keeper:


You tell ’em, “Crispy Chrissy.” Check out the whole shebang below:

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