Chrissy Teigen just got very, very honest about Taylor Swift’s Grammy acceptance speech

Chrissy Teigen is the best at award shows. She shamelessly ugly-cried when her husband, John Legend, won a Golden Globe last year. She threw major shade when Stacy Dash wished the audience a Happy Black History Month at the Oscars. And now, she has some opinions on Taylor Swift’s speech from the Grammys—and they’re not what you think.

You might expect Chrissy to shout “YASS ALL WOMEN!” from the rooftops like most of the female population in Hollywood did. But remember, Chrissy is good friends with Kanye West. She didn’t officially take sides, but last night on Watch What Happens Live, she definitely shared some opinions on Taylor’s speech.

“Oh man. It’s so hard when you are put in the middle like that. It’s tough,” Chrissy told Andy. “I didn’t get to see it live, but I don’t know. It’s so awkward. It’s an uncomfortable moment. It’s weird. John and I were very uncomfortable by it.”

It sounds like she’s Team Kanye to us. After the Grammys, Taylor was praised for taking a subtle dig at the rapper and empowering young women to focus on hard work and ignore the under-cutters. But in doing that, did she just put even more focus on the feud? Andy Cohen thinks so.

“I thought, why give up your huge moment?” said the WWHL host, agreeing with Chrissy that the moment was odd. “You are winning Record of the Year. Why hand it over to this guy?” Fellow guest Kristin Chenoweth agreed too.

But Chrissy didn’t just leave it at that—she also foreshadowed that the Taylor vs. Kanye feud is just getting started. “Well, I’ll tell you. It’s not over,” she continued. “This is going to go on. This is being waged.”

That makes a Golden Globe, a Grammy and an Oscar. Somebody invite this girl to the Emmys and the Tonys, because she’s just two reactions away from EGOTing.

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