Chrissy Teigen just posted the WILDEST story on Twitter

As everyone on Twitter knows, Chrissy Teigen is the official Twitter queen. Not only has she used the platform to shut down critics of her IVF pregnancy, but to call out online bullies calling her a bad mom. Now, she’s chronicling a totally wild story that happened to her today, and it ended in her throwing up from stress. Poor Chrissy!

“Our hotel warned us last night they were doing an emergency drill today but I still freaked out and ran outside half naked with the baby,” she tweeted. “Truly thought it was over for us. Can never show my face around these employees ever again.” false false

Then, because Chrissy isn’t one to hide anything, she tweeted, “I just threw up. I do not handle fake trauma well.” false



But don’t worry — Chrissy is totally okay. She tweeted a Snapchat video saying jokingly, “We just want to thank you all for your prayers and your well wishes. We’re okay. Feeling pretty blessed.” false

Oh, Chrissy, how we love you.

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