Chrissy Teigen’s spray tan fail Snapchat is almost too real

This is social media at its best: Model Chrissy Teigen, known for her total honesty on social media, shared her most recent spray tan disaster on Snapchat and it is classic. Let this be a warning to all of us!


Let this be a warning to all of us, folks. Be careful how much you spray tan!

This isn’t Chrissy’s first complaint against spray tanning on social media. Recently, she took to Twitter to laugh at herself: false

This tweet has been favorited over seven thousand times, guys! Probably because a lot of people can relate to this spray tan mishap! The struggle is real.

Chrissy loves to open up and share on social media in general, but she’s been dropping some real gems on Snapchat lately. She’s shown the world her postpartum acne and “Incredible Hulk” breasts on the app, proving she has the best Story ever. Keep the truths coming, Chrissy.

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