Chrissy Teigen’s Splash Mountain picture is something all new moms can relate to

Chrissy Teigen hung out at Disney Friday night (with her amazing hubby John Legend, because obviously), and while she was there, she experienced Disney in the most Chrissy Teigen way possible. As you might have guessed, it involved food. Specifically, churros.

In the Chrissy Teigen-est Disney post of all time, she announced to the world via Instagram that the sweet and crispy churro cart was officially the “best ride at Disney.” Not the haunted the mansion, not Space Mountain, but the churro cart. Ahh, Chrissy. This is why we love you so. Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned churro cart? Especially when John Legend is standing beside it looking all chill and handsome (as John Legend is prone to do).

Legend and Teigen took their whole crew along on their Disney date night, and TBH the whole group looks so effortlessly cool that we’re a little in love. Seriously. This pic is like a fashion spread in a magazine or something. Who looks like this at a theme park??? (We sure don’t, but we’d be willing to step up our game in exchange for an invite, Chrissy. Just saying.)

Our fave moment, though, is the caption to Chrissy’s Splash Mountain picture. As anyone with an internet connection and a passing interest in all things adorable knows, Teigen and Legend are new parents to a sweet baby girl, Luna. Teigen is breastfeeding Luna, and has been super open and REAL on social media about what that process is like. We love her for it.

Once again, she’s putting herself out there by saying something that all new moms can relate to…while zooming down Splash Mountain, Teigen’s most pressing concern wasn’t getting splashed. It was her breast milk.

The only thing that would have made this Disney date more perfect is a shot of John Legend rocking Mickey Mouse ears. (Please let this happen.)

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