Chrissy Teigen shared a sonogram picture of her baby boy, and he’s already a cutie

Chrissy Teigen can do absolutely no wrong in our eyes. She is witty, kind, beautiful, smart, and the absolute best person to follow on Twitter. She is also a pretty stellar mama, as we have been lucky enough to witness through what she shares of little Luna. From her sweet dancing skills to her incredible ability to walk in heels, it’s clear that Luna is already much cooler than any of us. But with parents like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, what do you expect?

As most of us are aware, Teigen and Legend are expecting their second child — a baby boy! Luna is going to make an awesome big sister, we just know it. As Teigen has proved in the past, Luna looks exactly like her papa’s baby pics. And now, it’s clear that Baby Boy Legend might look a lot like his mother.

On Saturday, March 3rd, Teigen shared a sonogram picture of her baby boy. Because she’s hilarious, she referred to the baby as a boy, but added “kinda,” because sonogram pictures can sometimes be pretty strange. Regardless of who he may look like, we can’t wait until this boy enters the world.

The picture is a 3D ultrasound pic and honestly, we can see the resemblance between this unborn babe and his supermodel mom.

Okay, maybe not exactly. But he’s still already a cutie. This baby is going to have the best life. Teigen and Legend have yet to land on a name for the “bebe boy,” but we have faith in them to pick something just as adorable as Luna’s name.

Teigen also told ET in January that she hopes their boy is a lot like his dad. Luna may look a lot like John Legend, but she takes after Chrissy Teigen, personality-wise.

"Baby Luna's more like me, and I realized I can be difficult," Teigen joked. "Sometimes they go rogue. This one might be like the mailman, we don't know."

We can’t wait to find out! Teigen is due this June.

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