Chrissy Teigen looked like she was sleeping during Casey Affleck’s Oscar win, and the internet has theories

The 2017 Academy Awards were an extremely long affair, with patient east coasters staying up way past midnight to catch La La Land beat Moonlight — and 90 seconds later, Moonlight beat La La Land – for Best Picture.

However, the actual Oscars ceremony took place on the west coast, so this doesn’t quite explain why Chrissy Teigen appeared to be sleeping during Casey Affleck’s win for Best Actor. Cameras caught her pretending to nap on John Legend’s shoulder as Affleck took to the stage, and the multi-hyphenate’s fans instantly began speculating as to why, exactly, Teigen chose this exact moment to start her snoozing.

Many felt that this was Teigen’s small, very funny way of making a statement — similar to Brie Larson’s stone-faced stare when Affleck won both the Oscar and the Golden Globe. Affleck was accused of sexually assaulting two women — a producer and a cinematographer – who worked with him on the film I’m Still Here back in 2010. And though Affleck has vehemently denied the allegations, many people are understandably disturbed — and angry at the Academy for honoring a man who has reportedly abused women.

Teigen has been an ally for pro-social causes like Black Lives Matter and is a proud feminist, though some noted that her protest-nap might have had a simpler explanation: perhaps she thought Denzel Washington was robbed? false

Regardless of whether Teigen was protesting Affleck’s alleged history of sexual abuse or his win over Washington’s superior performance in Fences, one thing remains clear: The woman is a goddamn hero.

If “Best Performance by a Hilarious Model in a Napping Role” ever becomes a thing, Teigen will be a shoo-in for sure.

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