Chrissy Teigen skipped the Oscars for the most relatable reason

We all missed Chrissy Teigen at this year’s Oscars, but there’s a totally valid explanation as to why the star was a no-show last night. One that we completely understand, actually. It was tacos. Specifically, the Lip Sync Battle co-host, who is also six months pregnant with a baby boy, was looking for the taco truck featured in the Netflix show, Ugly Delicious.

“I have cancelled Oscars Sunday and am trying to track down the taco truck featured in Ugly Delicious. Does anyone around 6 months pregnant need a dress?” the cookbook author tweeted.

Thanks to some Twitter sleuthing, Teigen was able to not only track down the infamous taco truck, but from the looks of things, it CAME TO HER HOUSE. She documented the whole thing on Twitter (naturally) and pretty much made all of us envious of her impromptu taco party.

Teigen is basically the best when it comes to awards show (who can forget her meme-worthy facial expressions at the 2016 Oscars?) and though her presence was notably absent from this year’s festivities, we did catch her in a new-ish commercial (it originally aired a couple months ago) featuring another of her favorite fast food treats — McDonald’s — that played during the Oscars telecast. She was also in a Google commercial with Legend. So basically, Teigen was with us the whole time.

For the record, Teigen did clarify that she wasn’t even really going to go to the Oscars in the first place. “Clarification: I was never going to the Oscars this year!” She tweeted. “Just no longer going to any viewings or after parties. I am, however, flying to China super late tonight post taco party. Luna is coming on tour!”

But even if she was going in the first place, who would blame her for blowing off the ceremony for tacos? Answer: nobody.

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