Chrissy Teigen showed up naked with a cake to John Legend’s hotel room on Father’s Day because #goals

Chrissy Teigen is never one to play it safe. She routinely resists the expectations surrounding models, calls out anyone and everyone on Twitter with her sharp wit, and never stops making us laugh with her realness. For these reasons, we were not surprised to learn what Chrissy got her hubby John Legend for Father’s Day. Golfing gear? Nah. A tie? Nope. Some sort of strange electronic device from Brookstone? Def not. What did Chrissy do? Chrissy flew out to Boston and surprised him with a chocolate cake. Naked. In bed. Lol. YASSS, CHRISSY. You do you.

"Successfully surprised John with a secret trip to see him in Boston 🙂 gift level 10/10."


But that’s not all she did for John. Earlier in the day, she posted a super sweet photo praising him as a husband and a father.

She wrote:

“I took this photo right after John won his Tony a couple weeks ago. In all our time together (11ish years!!?!?) I cannot believe how much he has grown as a man and a husband. To see him go from big goals to big ideas to big wins and the love of so many makes me so so happy. 10 years ago, I didn’t think he could get better, then I got to see him as a father. I don’t know how or why Luna, my family and I got so lucky in this life but I will stop questioning and just be grateful. I love you so much, John. Happy Father’s Day.”


It’s well documented that Chrissy and John are one of our favorite couples. They’re always sweet, honest, and hilarious.

And as parents? So precious. We LOVE their little family.

Happy Father’s Day, John! After learning about your gift, we can’t imagine that you didn’t have a pretty perfect day!

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