Chrissy Teigen shares pics from Luna’s first Christmas, complete with a Hatchimal

Fact: When we see babies in costume our hearts explode with happiness. Chrissy Teigen must feel the same way, because she dressed her new little bundle of joy, Luna, as Santa for her baby’s first Christmas. We’re talking a red button-down onesie, fur-trimmed Santa hat, and little black socks that looks like booties. We are the heart-eyes emoji personified right now.

Teigen, Luna, and their new Hatchimal looked happy as can be in Teigen’s Christmas Day Instagram picture. Mommy Teigen proudly showed off “Luna’s gift” – the Hatchimal, which was arguably the most sought-after toy in stores this holiday season. Teigen captioned the pic, “We are all pretending this is for Luna.”

Of course Teigen kept us up to date on her Hatchimals’ hatching process – oh and Luna’s first time crawling, which is pretty cool too.

Honestly, how does this toy know how to hatch? What is in the egg in the first place? Ok, sorry – we’re getting off topic. Back to Luna’s first Christmas!

Luna seemed to have a wonderful Christmas morning with her loving family. Her dad, Oscar-winning singer John Legend, also posted a picture showing off his beautiful wife and mini-me daughter.

Here’s Luna with her grandma, Vilailuck Teigen, showing off her extremely festive outfit.

We’re glad Luna had a fantastic Christmas Day because her holiday season looked like it was off to a rough start when Teigen posted this picture last week. “We only share what we want you to see, my loves. Lol,” Teigen explained in her caption.

Happy holidays to the Teigen/Legend household! And Chrissy – keep us posted about what’s going on with that Hatchimal, ok?

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