Chrissy Teigen shared a video of baby Luna dancing, and girl can seriously move

If you need a daily dose of cute, you need look no further than Chrissy Teigen’s adorable video of baby Luna dancing.

Now, we know that Luna is one angelic baby, and we love it when Chrissy or her husband, musician John Legend, give us a peek at how quickly she’s growing up. Whether it’s hilarious family photos, having a pizza party, seeing the little one start to wave, or Luna throwing her first pitch at a baseball game and absolutely killing it, we can’t get enough of seeing how adorable Chrissy, John, and Luna are together as a family unit.

Well, Teigen has been showing us more Luna on Instagram, and this time dancing is involved.

In a new post, the Lip Sync Battle host, model, and author shared a video of her daughter getting her groove on, and it’s pretty darn adorable.

“Dance, dance, dance,” Chrissy’s mom repeats, as Luna jigs up and down (while wearing some pretty pants).

Captioning the video, the 31-year-old wrote, “Get it, girl!”

Luna can seriously throw some shapes, and she looks so happy with herself for boogieing along to her mom’s encouragements.

In fact, Chrissy recently let us know that Luna has other talents, too, including (but not limited to) playing the piano.

On her Snapchat, Chrissy showed us her and Luna playing the piano together.

She also shared a video of Luna going at those keys solo.

Clearly, Luna has inherited her father’s musical sensibilities and sense of rhythm, and we can already picture her in the future writing and recording her own music. Hey, when you’re from a family as talented as she is, it’s bound to happen, right?

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